Hello friends! Long time no read? No write? Either way it’s been awhile and I apologize for that, but yenno… Depression tends to take your will to live when it comes around.

I had my fourth infusion of Ocrevus on January 29th which marks one year since getting them. The infusion itself went smoothly and the nurse even got my IV in on the first try which literally never happens because I have such shitty veins so that was a plus.

Post infusion was similar to my one in July, I was very tired and lethargic but this time around I got crazy headaches on the left side of my head which would go back and forth between headaches to migraines back to headaches… That lasted for probably about 9 days before it was only a looming pain but no more migraines. I’ve gotten the odd migraine since then here and there but not everyday, I find I’m getting headaches a bit easier than before but the further along I get in the healing process I’m sure they will go away. So since my head/face were constantly in pain I pretty much stayed in bed in the dark for a week because the light made it way worse and being up and moving around didn’t help either. I had to rely on my friends and family for food for awhile too because I couldn’t really be up for more than 5 minutes at a time without feeling dizzy or even more tired and weak than normal. I relied on peppermint halo and pain release oils from sage to combat the headaches and neck pain which helped quite a lot as well as sitting in the shower with hot water hitting my head and back of the neck.

Otherwise, it was all normal recovery and the basic staying inside my apartment for 2 weeks since its an immunosuppressant I had(still have) a high chance of getting sick since my body can’t fight anything off right now. So all those people you see walking around with masks on because of coronavirus, I am also one of those people but I do have a reason to wear one haha.

I have my next MRI and neurologist appointment in April so I’m sure I will have some sort of update after that!

Again I apologize that my posts are so far apart from one another and I’m going to try and be better about posting this year since writing is something that I genuinely enjoy doing.

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