HELLO FRIENDS! A new blog post only ONE month after the last one? Who would have thought I could achieve such a thing.. not me I’ll tell ya that for free.

As everyone should know, we are currently living through a chapter in a history textbook. For me personally, this has been a very trying time for my mental health since I have to stay inside my 1 bedroom apartment, alone everyday not only because its basically mandated by the government at this point to self-isolate but its been over three weeks for me now because I took precautions early on due to being immunosuppressive from having MS and being on a DMT(disease modifying treatment). I cant go out to any stores, I cant be around people, I cant have anyone come over and be in my apartment. I have been starting to go on walks around my neighbourhood with Kierra and her dog Rupert but we stay over 6ft apart from each other since those are the rules and also taking every precaution because I don’t feel like risking my life with miss rona.

I’ve been trying my best to keep busy on my own.. I somehow turned my sleep schedule into going to bed around 2-3am and sleeping in until noon everyday but there’s no rules besides stay home so whatever right? I spend a lot, like a LOT of time on my phone now which I honestly hate, I’ve turned off all my notifications for my apps so I check them less and I’ve also hid them in folders to they aren’t the first things I see when I unlock and open my phone, which has been helping quite a bit. Also not seeing people post that they are either A) not having to quarantine alone and posting stuff with whoever they live with or B) watching people NOT follow the rules about social distancing and staying home in quarantine which honestly makes me spiral and think this will literally never get better because people just won’t. listen.

I usually spend my time watching Netflix, playing animal crossing, playing sims, reading or taking baths. I live a very exhilarating life right now if you couldn’t tell by that.

This is just a small sum of how I’m feeling about everything that’s going on because frankly if I really get into it, it will just be uber depressing and no one wants to read that. If you made it this far, remember to please keep social distancing and staying home unless necessary because then we won’t have to do this until 2021.

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