Hello friends… I know its been many months since i’ve made an appearance here but it’s very hard to feel motivated and inspired to write when you’re going THROUGH it.

Quite a lot has happened since my last post in March, I quit my old job and got a new job as a 911 police call taker, sounds super intense and let me tell you, it is. I really enjoyed it and thought it was super interesting but at the end of the day, the stress started taking its toll on my body and my mind and it got to the point where I would be crying on my drives into work… That is no way to live a life. I finally got to the point where I quit because I realized I had to start putting my health first and not a job, because a job is literally just a job.

I’ve struggled with mental health since high school from what I can remember (which I touch more on in my post about mental health) but this past year has really been a lot for me. I’ve been dealing with the new diagnosis and constantly having that on my mind and every time something in my body feels “off” I start to panic because I really don’t have a clue if it could be related to my MS or not. I’ve been dealing with the grief of losing two of my grandparents within one year, I still have days where it doesn’t even feel real that they aren’t here anymore. I’ve gone through ups and downs with family and personal relationships but I suppose that is just life.

I had my second infusion in July of Ocrelizumab which went well, it was the full dose this time all at once and it kicked the shit out of my immune system so I ended up getting pretty sick afterwards but its not not normal for that to happen. I had an updated appointment with my neurologist to talk about my latest MRI scanning which showed that I only had one new lesion from my prior scan which was last October, this is good news because there isn’t anyway of knowing if the new lesion appeared between my last scan and me starting the meds or afterwards therefore my neurologist is happy with how my body is responding to the medications and so i’ll just continue cruising along with my infusions and go from there.


One thought on “The one with the one year anniversary.

  1. You are fighting 2 battles Nicole neither one an easy win but hang in there & fight the good fight & you will over come , Maybe have a chat with your Great Uncle Bob about the MS , he has 1st hand experience so can relate on that easier than some of us . Know that your grandparents are looking down & cheering you on , they both loved you very much ., Hope to hear from you again soon , Big hugs ,,, Great Aunt Jean


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