Welcome to the inside of my brain!

I had the idea to write about my MRI scans because personally, I think they’re pretty neat to look at. Also, when I talk about “white matter lesions” showing up on my scans, no one really knows what I’m talking about, so here I am to talk about those little guys.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from my first set of scans but I have pictures from my second scan that show some of the lesions that were on my first scan.


Alrighty, so this photo shows some of the lesions that were on my first set of scans, they are pretty little, and at this point weren’t super concerning and wasn’t leading to a diagnosis of MS. Then I had my second scan five months after this one, and thats where it gets a little more interesting.


Now these photos are from my second set of scans, which is more concerning considering that they are new lesions. As my doctor told me, any kind of person can have white matter lesions show up on their MRI scans without it meaning much and it be non-concerning, which is what was talked about during my first appointment with him and I only had the small lesions, BUT since I had new ones, it was a bit more convincing that it was an MS type process, especially since where they are located on my brain.


This is the scan that I got the diagnosis from, as you can see there is the big spot on my spine, the left side of my spine to be exact. This is the spot that confirmed the fact that I do in fact have multiple sclerosis, as white matter lesions on the spinal cord are not “normal” and basically only occur in MS patients.

Again, I’m coming here to try my best to explain a little bit more about my new life, and everything that I’ve been through and going to continue going through AND I think the scans are quite cool to look at 😉



2 thoughts on “The one with the MRI scans

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Nicole. It’s really interesting to get a better understanding of how MS works. How are you feeling these days? What kind of treatment are you getting? I hope you keep posting, I will follow you!


  2. Hi Nicole. How are you doing? Not many people in the family are aware of this…your uncle Bob Howland was diagnosed with MS back in the early 1990s..his symptoms began in 1984. We were so scared in the beginning..as you must have been. It can be a pretty devastating disease for some. Anyway…your great uncle is doing really well..
    Moved from the episodic phase of the disease to the progressive form many years ago. His legs are somewhat affected but you know, it’s hard to know what is the Ms and what is simply old age creeping up. I sure like your blog, Nicole..I admire your cheer, your obvious positivity, and especially, your courage.


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